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8 Offbeat Things You Didn’t Know About Cleveland

January 10, 2017 0

8 Offbeat Things You Didn’t Know About Cleveland There is a reason why we chose Cleveland as the home for another Escape Hunt Experience: It’s a quirky, unusual city that makes a quirky, unusual businesses like ours feel right at home. Don’t take our word for it, though. Take a look at these 8 odd, offbeat facts about the Rock and Roll Capital of the World and you’ll be convinced: 1. Can’t Eat Just One They may have been invented in England, but few things are more American than potato chips. That’s thanks in part to Cleveland. It was here that chips were first mass produced, helping make them the massively popular snack they are today. Offer good on all games booked between now and January 31, 2017. (They can be played after that date!) 2. Why Tom Doesn’t Live Here If you want to catch that pesky mouse that has been setting booby traps for you around the house, bad news: Cleveland law states that you need a hunting license to catch mice. Seriously. It’s on the books. 3. Something Is Afoot If you love patent leather shoes, ladies, you may want to live elsewhere. A city ordinance...

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7 Awesome Ohio Christmas Events

November 28, 2016 0

This holiday season, when you’re not busy escaping from quirky themed rooms with friends, family or colleagues, you might want to escape to some of the greater Cleveland area’s amazing holiday events. And there are a LOT of them. To help you decide what to do, we’ve compiled a list of some of our favorites. Enjoy! Circlefest, University Circle The first Sunday of each December, University Circle welcomes Circlefest in and around Wade Oval. You’ll enjoy music, food, exhibits, activities and more museum (free!) tours than you’ll be able to take in. They even have free transportation to shuttle you around the area! Santa Express, Ohio Station Outlets  A holiday themed train ride that weaves through dozens of outlets and shopping opportunities is a great way to combine Christmas fun with holiday shopping, so consider dropping by the Ohio Station Outlets on weekends from Thanksgiving through Christmas for a chance to do just that. They even have pictures with Santa! Country Lights, Lake Farmpark With horse drawn wagons, decorated trees, Santa’s workshop (complete with Santa), and more, Lake Farmpark’s Country Lights celebration sells out early for a good reason: it’s a lot of fun for the entire family! Grab...

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5 More Weird Spots Near Cleveland You Have To Visit

October 6, 2016 0

We’ve said it before: Cleveland can be a pretty weird city, and that’s one reason why we love it. There are a lot of strange places to explore in and around the city. When you’re not escaping from the themed rooms at Escape Hunt, hop in your car and go explore some of these unusual locations. You’ll realize that this city is far more interesting than you knew: Cleveland Coast Guard Station #219 Located on Whiskey Island in Cleveland, tucked away across a stretch of water so that it’s only accessible by boat, Cleveland Coast Guard Station #219 stares out over Lake Erie, abandoned and alone. The Coast Guard haven’t been there since the 1970s. It was briefly a club in the early 1980s, but that didn’t last either. Now it’s just a strange, somewhat inaccessible complex on the water – one that some say is haunted. Ghosts of dead Coast Guard sailors? Spirits of the drowned? It’s hard to say. What we CAN say is that this facility is pretty weird. Book and pay for your Escape Hunt Experience by December 31, 2016 and receive 20% off your total booking price. Offer valid 12/1/16 through 12/31/16 only, use...

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Take A Ride to Northeast Ohio’s Mysterious Gravity Hill

September 2, 2016 0

Ohio is full of weird places, and in some of them you can experience the weirdness firsthand. Mentor’s “Gravity Hill” is one of them. Imagine stopping your car at the bottom of a hill, placing it in neutral, and then sitting back as your car rolls UP the hill, hits the crest, and down the other side. Sounds impossible, right? Like something that can only exist in your imagination? Turns out you don’t need to imagine it. You just need to take a short drive to King Memorial Road in Mentor.  We know it sounds crazy, but it’s true. In fact, Mentor’s infamous “Gravity Hill” is one of many dotting the American landscape. To find this one, you’ll want to go to King Memorial Road in Kirtland Hills. Find the intersection of Little Mountain Road, then go about 100 yards past it. That’s where the magic happens. Pop the car in neutral – though be aware that local police discourage people from doing this – take your foot off the brake, and wait as your car begins rolling UPHILL. Book and pay for your Escape Hunt Experience by December 31, 2016 and receive 20% off your total booking price....

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4 Things To Do In Cleveland To Motivate Your Employees

August 22, 2016 0

Let’s face it, motivating your employees to learn to work together as a team can be an uphill battle. A staff that works together well can be a huge boon to any business, however, so it’s important to do what you can to make that happen. Even better, help motivate them to work as a unit without them realizing you’re doing it. Here are four ways how: 1) Play Softball Against Another Business On the surface it’s just an excuse to get everyone together at a local ballfield, have a little fun, and depending on your office environment, perhaps have a few cold adult beverages. For that alone an office softball game is a great idea, but it serves another purpose: it molds your staff into a true team in a way that translates from the field to the office. When people win, lose, triumph and fail together, they become more closely knit and learn to work together better than before. After all, you really didn’t think that corporate softball games were about softball, did you? Do a search for local adult softball leagues to get started. 2) Go Hike Euclid Creek Reservation It’s far too easy to take...

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4 Examples of Cleveland’s Little-Known Murderiffic Past

August 3, 2016 0

Cleveland has a lot going for it. Food. The performing arts scene. World championship caliber sports teams. (One of those, at least. Maybe two!) It also has some chilling, often creepy historical murders. When we created our Murder in the Old Manor House escape room game, it was hard not to be inspired by these four dark corners of the city’s past. The Franklin Castle Murders and Haunting  Franklin Castle, which you can see in Cleveland’s Ohio City at 4308 Franklin Boulevard, is often called Ohio’s most haunted house – and that should come as little surprise, considering four children died there in just a few short years in the 1890s. We should first point out that Hannes and Luise Tiedemann, the parents of those ill-fated children, were never charged with killing their kids. That did not stop the rumors from running rampant, though, especially when three of them died three years in a row. Afterwards, the Tiedemanns began adding gargoyles and turrets to the home, supposedly constructed secret passages, and generally turned it into Weirdsville. Neither parent lived much longer, though. The house was sold in 1895, and over the decades many owners have tried to turn it into a home, only...

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5 Weird Places in Cleveland You HAVE To Visit

July 18, 2016 0

Cleveland can be a pretty weird city – and that’s one of many reasons why we love it. When you’re not busy escaping from the themed rooms at Escape Hunt, you may want to explore the city’s quirkier side. Here are five of our favorite stops for the offbeat urban explorer: 1) The A Christmas Story Museum A Christmas Story is a bona fide modern classic beloved by 30 and 40-somethings, but an entire museum dedicated to it? That’s a little offbeat. Yet Cleveland boasts exactly that – and in fact, it’s located in the very same house featured in the film. The inside has been transformed into a replica of the film set. Every last detail, including the famous leg lamp, is accounted for. They even have actual props used in the movie. Located at 3159 W. 11th Ave. in Cleveland. 2) The Cleveland Toynbee Tile The mysterious Toynbee Tiles began appearing in American cities in the 1980s, usually containing oddball, cryptic messages of a vaguely political nature or that ask readers to “Resurrect Dead on Planet Jupiter.” Cleveland joined the list of cities that have been visited by the mysterious tile-maker when one appeared at W. Prospect...

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Your Cup of Tea, Your Personality

August 24, 2015 0

Don't we all like a cup of tea after an hour of mystery solving? As you might already know, we serve you a lovely hot cup of tea with delicious rice crackers after the game. Have you ever wondered if your favourite flavour of tea could say something about personality, what would it be?! Let's see if your tea is right about you! 1. Peppermint If you love this sweet tea with aromatic soothing affect, it is possible that you are soft and sweet but maybe a little bit too anxious at times. 2. Green Tea This mild and subtly energising tea says that you are a classic person who keeps up with styles and trends. 3. English Breakfast Is your flavour a strong brew, like English Breakfast? That would mean you are a practical and down-to-earth person with strong sense of humour. 4. Earl Grey This distinctive scent with a hint of citrus flavour gets you every time! Earl Grey fans tend to differentiate themselves from others and thrive on positive criticism. 5. Chamomile Other than its mild and relaxing quality, Camomile is also good for your digestion. A person who always chooses this tea is likely to be mellow...

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Live Escape Game

The Hunt for Adventure

August 23, 2015 0

Curiosity has always led us to the unknown. Humans want to discover new paths that lead towards new experiences. With every step we take, a new adventure follows. Since the 1400s, many explorers including Christopher Columbus, Mary Kingsley, Henry Hudson, Alexander Mackenzie and David Livingstone have ventured around the world to discover new lands, new people, and new experiences. Without their exploration, we wouldn’t know about the world we know today. The Escape Hunt Experience would like to invite you and your loved ones to experience an adventure of your own. Discover the unknown with our amusing puzzles and get lost in a world of fun filled entertainment that you will surely enjoy! What kind of adventures do you enjoy?  Leave us a reply in the comment section below!

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PER game master mag glass

The Life of a Detective

August 22, 2015 0

People believe that detectives are interesting because most of their work involves solving mysteries. Detectives are known as someone who holds people's life long secrets in their hands. Would you want to be the keeper of other people's secrets? Depending on how good they are at following mysteries and finding clues, they can uncover the information that they are looking for. This is also what determines their pay! If you are good at discovering clues or if you love solving puzzles, don't miss The Escape Hunt Experience!!! Learn the first steps to becoming a good detective with us, here in Bangkok. Please feel free to share your investigative ideas in the comment section below!

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